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Mineraluxe Choose Your Sanitizer Kit (Have It Your Way) (P/N: DML00601)

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Mineraluxe. It's the way pool care was meant to be. Luxurious. Healthier. 

This kit packs a lot of punch. The Mineraluxe products are uber concentrated, but powerful. They allow you to do more with less. Less sanitizer is needed, less impact on water balance and more squeaky clean surfaces and piping. 

Mineraluxe is a simple approach to caring for your pool. Every other week, you just drop a Mineraluxe Advance Stick into the skimmer, and deep cleanse the pool by tossing a sachet of Mineraluxe Oxygen into the water. Besides your regular water balance and maintaining a chlorine or bromine residual using the sanitizer of your choice; that's all there is to it! 

Oh yeah, we also mentioned luxurious. Mineraluxe redefines water comfort. The system is gentler on your skin and makes water feel indulgent. It's as close as you can get to creating the feel of a salt water pool without any equipment investment. You kind of need to experience it for yourself, but we're betting that it will make you fall in love with your pool all over again.  

  • 6 x 350 g (2.1 kg) Mineraluxe Oxygen
  • 12 x 102 g (1.2 kg)  Mineraluxe Advance Sticks