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Dazzle Botanical Cleanse (750ml) (P/N: DAZ08050)

by Dazzle
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Dazzle Botanical Cleanse is an all-natural botanical blend of powerful, concentrated enzymes. Natural enzymes are designed by nature to biodegrade organic contaminants like body oils, perspiration, cosmetics, deodorants and sunscreen that build up in hot tub water. Dazzle Botanical Cleanse reduces maintenance by breaking down organics and preventing scum line formation (that bathtub ring that’s so tough to get rid of). And, if that wasn’t enough, this little wonder products packs even more punch – it also eliminates chemical odours and improves water comfort!  

How to Use: Apply directly into hot tub water with the circulation system running.

  • Prevents scum line formation and biodegrade organic contaminants
  • Reduces maintenance by breaking down organics
  • Eliminates chemical odours
  • Improves bather comfort

Pro Tip: For maximum effectiveness, do not add when sanitizer levels are above 5 ppm.

Size: 750 mililiters

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