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Shipping Rates


  • Order Above $35. If your before tax cart is above $35.00 and the second character in your postal code is anything other than a zero (0) example R2K 0G1, shipping is FREE


  • Order Equal to or Less Than $35. If your before tax cart is less than or equal to $35.00, there is a flat $9.99 shipping charge. To receive FREE shipping for all orders sign up for Aqua-Tech Select! Details below.
If we are shipping to locations in Canada and the second character of the postal code is a zero (0) example R0A 1A0, shipping will cost $14.99 per order. To receive FREE shipping if you live in one of these postal code areas sign up for Aqua-Tech Select! Details below.


      •  All orders have a $24.99 USD shipping fee.



      Aqua-Tech Select is a premium service available in Canada. Aqua-Tech Select members always receive FREE shipping no matter what value of your cart or what postal code in Canada you live in. The annual fee for Aqua-tech Select is only $24.99. Fill in the form below to sign up for an Aqua-Tech Select Membership.


      Shipping to Remote Locations within Canada

      Remote locations are postal codes that are difficult to serve.

       Examples are:
      • Towns far from a shipper’s hub
      • Towns that are infrequently served by shippers
      • Canada Post Air Stage Locations (where mail must be airlifted at certain times of the year)

      Please allow an additional 2-5 days for delivery to these locations