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SpaGuard Spa Lite™ (35gm Individual Bag)

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35 gram individual bag

SpaGuard's Spa Lite is a fantastic product that every spa owner needs to use! Spa Lite helps acts as a spa shock to eliminate undesirable wastes and compounds including bacteria and algae from your water. This makes your water both clearer and more sanitary for you and your family!


  • Granular shock that eliminates (oxidizes) wastes from spa
  • Eliminates bather wastes, algae, bacteria and other undesirable compounds
  • Contains clarifiers that will help keep your water looking crystal clear
  • Contains chlorine and will increase sanitizer levels


  • Broadcast the recommended number of packages of Spa Lite across the surface of your spa with the pump running on a weekly basis. Leave the cover off for at least 15 minutes after applying.

Pro Tip:

Spa Lite is a fantastic product to use after having a huge party! It will help get rid of all of the wastes that may have ended up in your spa including excess beverage, bodily fluids and other disgusting wastes!

Size: 35 gram individual bag