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SpaGuard Soft Soak® Chlorinating Granules (900gm)

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The Trio Chlorinating Granules are essential to maintaining proper sanitizer levels in your spa and aid in killing bacteria. They also help to restore clarity and eliminate bather wastes from your spa!


  • Highly concentrated and stabilized chlorine
  • Sanitizes your spa and removes wastes including bacteria and bather wastes
  • Oxidizes (gases) away wastes Keeps water sparkling and clear
  • Prevents odours and scum build-up
  • Ideal for many different spa types and sizes
  • Available in 900 g resealable container


  • Broadcast recommended dosage of Trio Chlorinating Granules with the spa circulating, jets running and pump running as needed.

Pro Tip:

Use Trio Chlorinating Granules after having a large party to gas away bather wastes from the tub as well as to prevent oil and grease stains!

Size: 900 grams