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Activated Filter Material (11.3 kg)

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Activated Filter Media (AFM) is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure.

AFM is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape. It is then exposed to a 3-step activation process to increase its surface area by up to 300 times for superior mechanical and electro-static filtration performance!

The benefits of using AFM:

  • More than doubles the performance of an existing filtration system without the need for additional investments
  • Not subject to biodynamic instability and will never allow untreated water to pass the filter
  • Substantially lowers chlorine oxidation demand by up to 50%
  • Lowers backwash water demand by an average of 50%
  • Expected to last for the life of the filtration system
  • Provides quick return on investment

Size: 11.3 kg

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