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SpaGuard Balance Pak® 300 (800gm) (P/N: 7534)

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Balance Pak 300 is used to raise calcium hardness levels in spas with low calcium hardness (generally spas not using well water). By having proper calcium hardness levels, you prevent corrosion, metals problems, and you elongate the lives of your pipes, pump, heater and can prevent bath rings!


  • Prevents corrosion due to low calcium hardness levels
  • Prevents staining, scaling and bath rings
  • Elongates the life of your spa by preventing harmful build-up in the piping
  • Used in non-well water spas (generally)
  • Helps prevent algae problems
  • Increases swimmer comfort
  • Suitable for all spa types and sizes


  • Add only when needed. Consult a water specialist for accurate dosages.

Pro Tip:

Always get your water tested before applying any balancers because it will save you chemicals, money and time spent incorrectly treating your spa! Add the recommended dosage in thirds as too much calcium too quickly will cause scaling to form. 

Size: 800 grams