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Jack's Magic O2 Safe Shock - Stain Solution #3 (2.25kg) (P/N: JMS03000)

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Jack’s Magic Stain Solution #3 O2 Safe Shock is part of a three step system for stain removal and stain prevention.

  • Helps remove gray/black copper stains
  • Safe for all pool types and surfaces
  • Effective shock for use in non-chlorine systems
  • Step 3: Stain preventative maintenance product

How to Use:

  1. Balance pool water.
  2. Turn pool pump on. Add a dosage of Stain Solution #3 directly into pool water.
  3. Next, add a dosage of pH- to your pool water.
  4. Add Jack’s Magic Blue Stuff directly into the deep end of the pool, and lastly, add a dosage of Stain Solution #2 directly into water (brush any undissolved product immediately as it reaches the bottom).
  5. Circulate pool continuously on high speed for the duration of the treatment.
  6. Once a week during treatment, clean the filter and add chlorine and other sanitizer as required.
  7. Add another dosage of Jack’s Magic Blue Stuff. After the stains are completely removed (this may take several weeks), slowly begin to rebalance your total alkalinity.

Pro Tip: This treatment can produce false free chlorine readings for 3-4 weeks; use the total chlorine reading during this time!

Size: 2.25 kilograms