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Hot Tub Opening for Spring and Summer

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Need one good reason to have Aqua-Tech open your spa?  Hit the EASY BUTTON. 

In addition to being highly-trained in pump, filter, and heater preparation, our experienced technicians are well-versed in the complexities of the newest hot tub and spa technologies.  They will inspect the spa from top to bottom with a detailed technician's eye.

This spring, count on Aqua-Tech to start your season off right.


As applicable to your pool, Aqua-Tech will:
Remove winter debris from the spa shell
Fill the hot tub with water (please have a hose available and water supply on)
Reinstall your existing filter
Prime system and check for leaks
Test the operation of pumps, heater, lighting and stereo.
Final clean-up
Advise you to bring in water sample within 24 hours for you to begin chemical treatments