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Dazzle Premium Algae Kill Kit (Treats up to 80,000L) (P/N: DAZ05089)

by Dazzle
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Having to deal with a green pool due to algae growth is one of the most frustrating parts of owning a pool! Fortunately, Dazzle has been hard at work and have come out with the perfect remedy for any green, algae-ridden pool. Using the Dazzle Algae Destruction Kit, getting rid of algae growth is easy and simple and will allow you to spend more time swimming in your pool and less time fixing the ""green invasion""!

The Algae Destruction Kit contains: 

  1. Ultra Shock: a high chlorine shock oxidizer which will help to gas away wastes, as well as helps to increase chlorine levels to kill algae;
  2. Algae Clear 60: a highly concentrated algaecide which will both prevent and kill algae and;
  3. Clear Rebound: an all-natural blend of enzymes and organic polymers which will help to increase clarity, destroy any surviving algae, and digesting dead algae.

How to Use: 

  1. Brush and vacuum the pool to remove algae as best as possible,
  2. Try to balance your pH and total alkalinity within ideal ranges,
  3. Apply the recommended dosage of Ultra Shock slowly into a clean skimmer with the pump running and wait 15 minutes,
  4. Pour the recommended dosage of Algae Clear 60 around the edges of your pool with the pump running, Wait until the pool turns a milky white (usually 24-48 hours) and then continue by pouring recommended dosage of Clear Rebound around the edges of your pool with the pump running

Pro Tip: When algae die, they turn colours from ""green"" to ""milky white"", often causing your water to look cloudy or ""milky"". Furthermore, after an algae problem it is imperative that you clean your filters!

Size: Treats up to 80,000 liters!