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Dazzle Nature Sheen (946ml) (P/N: DAZ05023)

by Dazzle
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Nature Sheen is Dazzle's ""eco-friendly"", natural way to rapidly clear cloudy water by capturing microscopic particles that your filters usually cannot capture. Nature Sheen is truly the key to a dazzling pool!

How to Use: Pour recommended dosage of Nature Sheen around the edges of the pool with the pump running

  • All natural clarifier
  • Traps small particles that your filter cannot capture
  • Recommended to use when pool is "milky", when you want your pool "sparkly" and as part of your regular weekly maintenance
  • Eliminates cloudy water
  • Caution: You can overdose, making your pool cloudier than originally

Pro Tip: With an algae problem, wait a minimum of 24-48 hours prior to adding Nature Sheen to allow ample time for your water to circulate through your filter!

Size: 946 mililiters