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BioGuard Power Chlor® (1kg) (P/N: 2936)

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Power Chlor a very powerful and dynamic shock and sanitizer delivering superior performance and crystal clear, sparkling water. It aids in increasing chlorine levels quickly and efficiently and is particularly great at dealing with chlorine demands and algae problems.

How to Use: Slowly pour the required amount of Power Chlor into an empty skimmer with the pump running

  • Provides continuous sanitation and clarification
  • Eliminates algae and bacteria
  • Completely water soluble (no pre-mixing required)
  • Stabilized granules (requires less product to be effective)
  • Will increase chlorine levels
  • Will prevent clouding
  • Will enhance filtration
  • Resistant to UV rays (from the sun)

Pro Tip: Power Chlor has inherent stabilizer properties built into it and will protect your chlorine from evapouration. This means you will purchase less stabilizer and save money!

Size: 1 kilogram