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BioGuard Oxysheen® (1kg) (P/N: 2860)

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Oxysheen is an amazing oxidizer that is great at destroying organic contaminants from the environment and bathers is important.
Shocking your pool water is a needed step for proper pool maintenance. Shocks or oxidizers chemically destroy organic contaminants to help restore water clarity, maintain water balance and also eliminate the main cause of odour and eye irritation.

"Isn’t shocking just for when your water has a problem?"
No! Shocking should be part of your pool maintenance. While it does help with troubleshooting, when part of a routine it provides the correct chemical balance that your pool water needs to have and keep clear, odour-free water that doesn’t irritate your eyes and skin.

  • Fast-acting shock that destroys contaminants
  • Will not raise chlorine residual
  • Treat and swim in as soon as 15 minutes
  • Safe for all pool surfaces and finishes
  • Use with any pool sanitizer type - chlorine, bromine and saltwater
Size: 1 kilogram