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Ultra Pure Ozonator Universal Voltage 100-277V (P/N: EUV-MINI-JJ120/240)

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Mini J&J plug for Gecko paks and others with the Mini J&J Receptacles

Works on Sundance Spas

Spa Size 350 to 800 gallons 


Canadian Made UltraPure hot tub ozonator

Convenient view port to see that Uv light is operating

Ozone Output: 57 mg/hr

Universal Voltage (100 - 277V, 1 amp) 60Hz

Comes with Mini J&J plug or cut plug off and attach direct to your Motherboard

Comes with 1/4 pound check valve, 1/4 inch coupler, new 1/4 feed tubing and mounting screws.

One spa bather introduces twenty times the wastes of one swimmer in a pool—significant considering the small water volume. This ‘loading’ of the water occurs because spa water temperature is set above body temperature at 100 to 104° F. Ninety percent of the work in cleaning (sanitizing) spa water is removing these non-living bather wastes. Ozone, breaks down bather wastes through an 'Oxidation’ process . When the filter pump is running, Ozone is bubbled in and ‘automatically’ cleans these wastes from the water. Once this Oxidation work is done, Ozone reverts back to Oxygen.

About the size of a box of chocolates