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Sundance Spas Jacuzzi Flow Switch (P/N: 2560-040)

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Fits 2003 to 2004 Sweetwater Series Spas.

2005 to 2017 780 and Select Series Spas.

2017 880 Series Sundance Spas.

Used on the following Sundance Spa Models:

10/2016+ 980 Series: Kingston, Claremont

2016+ 880 Series: Maxxus, Aspen, Optima, Cameo, Altamar, Marin, Capri

2013-03/2017 780 Montclair

2011+ Select Series: Constance, Victoria

2008-03/2017 780 Series: Camden, Certa, Chelsee, Hamilton, Hamilton (w/circ pump) Hartford, (w/circ pump), Burlington (w/circ pump)

2007-2012 680 Hartford, Hawthorne Models equipped with a Circ Pump

2007 Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa, and Camden

2005-2006, 780 Palermo, Bahia, and Cayman

2003-2004 Sweetwater Models: Palermo Bahia, Cayman


Jacuzzi JLX 200 and 300 Series Spas

Used on the following Jacuzzi Spa Models:

J-500 Series (2015+), J-400 (09/2015+), J-300 Convertible Models (2016+)

2002-2003 J-320, J-330, and J-340 Models

2004+ J-335,J-345

2007+ J-355,J-365, J-375 Models

2007+ J-230, J-270, and J-280 Models with the Circulation Pump Option

J-300 LED Series (With Curled Finger Connectors)

2007+ J-280, J-270, J-230 With optional Circulation Pump

2002-2003 J-320, J-330, J-340

2007+ J-355, J-356, J-375

2011+ JLX, JLXL models

Used on some Cal Spas

Sometimes also known as Q-12DS-C2



Clear plastic for easy viewing of any debris in switch.

Hi impact surgical plastic housing.

Curled finger tine connectors.

3/4 inch hose connections.

3/8 inch freeze line connection.

Directional arrow labels affixed for ease of install.

Displays error messages FL1 and FL2