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Sundance Spas Jacuzzi Circuit Board (P/N: 6600-722)

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Fits 2017+ Prado and Prado 5, Denali and Tacoma. Can be used on many older Sweetwater 680 and 780 Series models. 

Used on these Sundance Spas Models:

2017+ 680 1-pump Prado and Prado 5

2006+ 680 1-Pump: Denali and Tacoma

2003-2005 Del Sol Redondo and Hermosa

2000-2002 Sweetwater Board: Aruba, Bali, and Cyprus

Replaces 6600-082, 2000-2001 Sweetwater Board: 2000-2001 Aruba, Bali, and Cyprus and 6600-089 Circuit Board.

Replaces LX-10 Series 3-60-009

Replaces 6600-289, 6600-042 with eprom logic chip 5.+

Used on these Jacuzzi Spas Models:

J210 and J220 models.


5.60A eprom

1 pump logic without circlation pump board

Can be used in place of 6600-042, 6600-289, 6600-089

This model has newly added surface mount terminals for heater

Comes with instructions