Sundance Spas Burlington Hot Tub Cover Brown 2006-2007 (P/N: 6475-113M)

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Fits Sundance Spas Burlington 2006-2007


84 inches by 84 inches

5 inch skirt

4 inch to 2 1/2 inch taper


R21 rating

Made of Sunbrella fabric.

This fabric is used in high end patio furniture and is more durable than vinyl. Last twice as long as a vinyl cover. Has UV and mildew inhibitors.

2lb density foam cores.

Built in gasket locks in heat and moisture.

Cover is pitched to let water, snow run off.

Sealed liner keeps core dry, cover light.

All seams, handles and straps are double or triple stitched for superior strength and durability. Stiching is UV and mildew resistant.

Inside the cover are high-quality, steel-reinforced, virgin foam cores that are designed to handle snow loads. Each core features a unique vapor seal that provides four times the moisture protection of the typical plastic liner found in less expensive covers.

Convenient velcro sealed pocket to place items like jewlery, watches, phones etc when you are in the spa.

Picture details depicted may not exactly resemble your model year of hot tub