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SpaGuard Balance Pak® 100 (1kg) (P/N: 7530)

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SpaGuard's Balance Pak 100 is one of the top selling balancers! It raises your alkalinity levels to prevent pH "bouncing" due to rain, heavy bather load, chemicals, and organic materials. It also helps to elongate the life of your liner, heater and prevents metal corrosion by keeping the pH in check!


  • Increases Total Alkalinity in spa water. Total Alkalinity in spa water should be maintained between 125-150 ppm
  • Prevents pH “bounce”
  • Prevents liner staining and scaling
  • Elongates the life of your heater, and other metal spa parts susceptible to corrosion
  • Ensures bather comfort by stabilizing the pH
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Can be used on all spa types and surfaces


  • Add only when needed. Consult a water specialist for accurate dosages.

Pro Tip:

Always get your water tested before applying any balancers because it will save you chemicals, money and time spent incorrectly treating your spa! Also, always work on getting your total alkalinity within range before working on pH (because total alkalinity is the "boss" of pH)!

Size: 1 kilogram

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