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Mineraluxe Swim Spa Oxygen (1.5kg) (P/N: MSS25022)

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Oxygen. It’s the undisputed king of body chemistry… but what about water chemistry? It reigns supreme too! Mineraluxe Swim Spa Oxygen’s active oxygen component can improve your water’s health by deep cleansing your water and bringing it back to an ultra clean and clear state.

How to use: Add to swim spa water, right after adding your Mineraluxe Cube(s) by sprinkling across water surface. Circulate water for 15 minutes with cover off. After 15 minutes, you can get back in!

  • Removes all bather wastes, organic material and unwanted bacteria.
  • Helps to clarify your water.
  • Oxidizes or "shocks away" wastes.
  • Increases sanitizer levels (chlorine or bromine)
Size: 1.5 kilograms


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