Hayward CX880XRE Single Cartridge for C4025 (P/N: C-7488)

by Hayward
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Used in Hayward CX880XRE tank

25.5 inches long, 7 inch diameter, 3 inch hole

Also known as C-7489, C4-25, PA106, C-7488, FC1226, C-4025

4 per tank


High-quality, reinforced polyester elements provide maximum filtration area and easily trap dirt and debris.

Precision-engineered extruded core design provides maximum water flow while reducing energy cost.

106 square feet of filtration

Made in the USA

This is a Unicel filter.

Don't be fooled by imitiations.

Clearly the best.

Made with REEMAY filtration fabric.

Premium trilobal filtration fabric delivers 45 percent more surface area over round fiber competitors.

Clearer water.

Longer life. Guaranteed.