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Dazzle Traditional Closing Kit (Treats up to 80,000L) (P/N: DAZ06032)

by Dazzle
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The Dazzle Pool Closing Kit contains everything you need to winterize your pool the right way! 

The Dazzle Pool Closing Kit Includes:

  1. Dazzle Algae Resist 50: pour around the edges of the pool to help control and eliminate any algae growth that may occur during the fall, winter and spring
  2. Stain and Scale Prevent: prevent staining, scaling and water discolouration during the winter by pouring Stain and Scale Prevent around the edges of the pool
  3. Amaze Plus: helps to increase chlorine levels and to shock (oxidize) wastes from your water so that you open your pool blue (and not green)

Pro Tip: Always test your water before closing so that you can ensure that your water is in perfect balance prior to pool closing. This makes spring opening a breeze, and can also save you money in the spring!

Size: Treats up to 80,000 liters!