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Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse for Pools (3.5ltr) (P/N: DAZ05003)

by Dazzle
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Dazzle's Rapid Action Filter Cleanse is an easy, ""eco-friendly"", one-step filter cleaner that removes greases, oils, algae, and metals from your filter to maximize filter efficiency. It should be used on a regular basis for both sand and cartridge filters to help elongate their life, and make your pool easier to care and maintain!

How to Use:

Sand Filter: Backwash filter for 3-5 minutes and rinse for 20-30 seconds; Turn pump off and return dial valve to ""filter"" position; Remove strainer lid on pump; Pour 1 L of Rapid Action Filter Cleanse into the strainer basket and replace the lid; Turn the pump on for 5-15 seconds (just enough time to get the Rapid Action Filter Cleanse into the filter); Shut off the pump and leave off for 8 hours; Backwash thoroughly (minimum of 3 minutes); Resume normal operation.

Cartridge Filter: Turn pump off; Unscrew clamps and remove lid, then remove both cartridge filters; Use a garden hose to rinse the filter (Do not use a pressure washer and Do not clean at a car wash); Fill a garbage pail (or similarly sized container) with hot water; Add 1 L of Rapid Action Filter Cleanse to the garbage pail of hot water; Place the filter into the garbage pail of hot water; Let the filter soak for 18 hours; Remove the filters and rinse the filters with a garden hose; Replace clean filters to the System 3 and resume normal operation

Pro Tip: Clean your filter at least every six weeks during pool season! However if there is a lot of rain, pollen, wind or other organic materials entering your pool, you will have to clean your filters on an even more frequent basis.

Size: 3.5 liters