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Dazzle Pro Balance UV-Pro Balance Instant (3.79ltr) (P/N: DAZ04045)

by Dazzle
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Instant UV Block is Dazzle's newest generation of liquid technology used to prevent chlorine loss due to the sun's chlorine depleting ultraviolet (UV) rays, and increase chlorine efficacy. Instant UV Block is unique amongst other stabilizers or CYA (cyanuric acid) because it works immediately upon application whereas the traditional stabilizer could take between 4 and 7 days to start working.

How to Use: Pour recommended dosage of Instant UV Block around the edges of the deep end with the pump running, or alternatively pour recommended dosage into the skimmer

  • Forms a "shield" preventing chlorine loss
  • Suitable for many different pool types and sizes, including both freshwater and saltwater pools
  • Works instantly upon application
  • Use when stabilizer (CYA) levels are below 30 ppm

Pro Tip: Instant UV Block can save you plenty of money spent on chlorine. Just be careful not to overdose (because you are so excited about the money you will save)!

Size: 3.79 liters