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Dazzle Phos Cleanse (750ml) (P/N: DAZ08065)

by Dazzle
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Phos Cleanse is Dazzle's most ""eco-friendly"" preventative measure to control phosphate growth. Phos Cleanse eliminates phosphates from water. Phos Cleanse is used to remove high levels of phosphates above 1000 parts per billion saving you money!

How to Use: With the spa circulating, pour the required amount of Phos Cleanse directly through the skimmer and keep the spa circulating for a minimum of 48 hours; Alternatively, pour the recommended dosage of Phos Cleanse in front of the suction plate and keep the spa circulating for a minimum of 48 hours

  • Phosphates can cause scale formation
  • "Eco-friendly" approach to phosphate removal
  • Eliminates phosphate levels over 1000 ppb
  • Saves money spent on traditional chlorine or bromine sanitizers
  • Reduces phosphate levels to 0 ppb

Pro Tip: Prevent your spa from turning white or cloudy by using Phos Cleanse to eliminate phosphates!

Size: 750 mililiters