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Dazzle Performance Plus (625gm) (P/N: DAZ08010)

by Dazzle
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Performance Plus is Dazzle's top of the line water conditioner and softener. It makes your water feel luxuriously soft and gentle using borate technology. It also helps increase chemical efficiency by elongating the lives of your chemicals (saving you money and time) and both prevents and controls algae growth. Performance Plus is a great overall money saving, time saving and water enhancing product!

How to Use: Pour required dosage into a clean skimmer or in front of the suction plate with the pump running

  • Uses borate technology to enhance and soften water
  • Helps make your regular weekly care program more effecient
  • Elongates the life of balancers and other chemicals
  • Has a light fragrance to make your spa smell wonderful

Pro Tip: Apply Performance Plus in the spring to get all of the benefits of Performance Plus all spa season long!

Size: 625 grams