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Dazzle Eliminator Basket (each) (P/N: DAZ07053)

by Dazzle
$ 19.99 CAD
SKU DAZ07053
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Dazzle's Eliminator Basket is essential for proper usage of the Eliminator Bags. It holds the bags in place inside the pump basket.

How to Use: Place Eliminator Bags inside the Eliminator Basket, and place the entire complex inside the pump basket

  • Holds Eliminator bags in place
  • Placed within pump basket
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents Eliminator bag from blocking water flow to the pump
  • Eliminator bags sold separately

Pro Tip: Did you know that Eliminator can help you to determine what metals are present in your water? In fact, the Eliminator Bag will change colours based upon the presence of various metals. This allows you to see what metals are in your water, and helps you to determine what the source of the metals is!

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