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Dazzle Amaze Plus (350gm) (P/N: DAZ02813)

by Dazzle
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Dazzle Amaze Plus is an oxidizing shock treatment. It helps remove wastes and other contaminants including bacteria. Amaze Plus is also a filter aid because it helps to remove unfilterable particles that cannot be caught by your filter.

How to Use: Broadcast directly into the deep end of the pool with the circulation system running. Swimming can resume after 15 minutes of application.

  • Oxidizing treatment
  • Aids in the removal of wastes and contaminants including bacteria
  • Helps with filtration of pool water
  • Compatible with chlorine and bromine systems

Pro Tip: Dazzle Amaze Plus is not a sanitizer, disinfectant or an algicide.

Size: 350 grams