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Canadian Spa Company Filter (P/N: AP57560) SHIPS IN 2 WEEKS

by ProAqua
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Used on the following 2014 and newer Canadian Spa models:

Toronto Spa, Winnipeg Spa, Victoria Spa, Vancouver Spa, Thunder Bay Spa, Calgary Spa, Quebec Spa, Ottawa Spa and Niagara Spa



Diameter 5.62 inches

Length : 6.29 inches

Top : Semi circle handle

Bottom : 1.81 inches SAE metric thread

This filter comes with standard non silver-ion coated washable pleats that have a 50sq/ft pleat media for maximum filtration.  Features a center free flow core for maximum flow.

The Canadian Spa Company brand Glacier filters have a silver-ion coating which requires that they be replaced every 3 - 4 months per the manufacturer at considerable cost. This standard washable replacement filter can typically last about a year with proper care and should save you money. This filter does not have the silver-ion coating due to it being washable, however the Nature2 cartridge can be purchased separately here: which will provide similar results but at much lower cost as the Nature 2 cartridge would only need replacing with every water change.