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BioGuard SaltScapes® Cell Cleaner (946ml) (P/N: 6021)

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SaltScapes Cell Cleaner is a fantastic way to elongate the life of your salt cell and save you money! It works to remove any scale build-up that has occurred inside your salt cell, so that your salt cell can remain functional longer and can generate chlorine more effectively!

  • Removes scale build-up from your salt cell
  • Works quickly and efficiently (15-30 minutes)
  • Available in 946 ml resealable bottle

How to Use:

  1. Turn off circulation system and remove your salt cell
  2. Cap one of the ends of the salt cell with a water tight cap and place the cell upsed down into a clean plastic bucket
  3. Fill the cell with SaltScapes Cell Cleaner
  4. Soak your salt cell in the SaltScapes Cell Cleaner for 15-30 minutes
  5. Pour the excess SaltScapes Cell Cleaner into the deep end of the pool to help remove any staining and scaling in your pool
  6. Rinse your salt cell with a garden hose, and re-insert the cell
  7. Resume normal operation

Pro Tip: Clean your cell at least once a year to ensure proper chlorine generation and to elongate the life of your salt cell. Also, it is highly recommended to clean your salt cell before closing your pool so that it is clean for the upcoming spring!

Size: 946 mililiters

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