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BioGuard Pool Magnet® Plus (3.78ltr) (P/N: 4614)

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Pool Magnet Plus is the ultimate problem solving chemical to deal with any metals problems! It is a chelating agent, meaning that it is able to form bonds with metals and acts like a "magnet", removing all metals from your pool! It is also fantastic at removing fresh metal stains and metallic build-up!

  • Used to remove metals (manganese, copper and iron)
  • Used to help remove and prevent stains
  • Use when trouble-shooting or when you have a consistent presence of metals in your pool
  • Can be used in both chlorine and bromine pools
  • Can be used on multiple surface types

How to Use:

  • For Fresh Stains: turn pump off (circulation system) for eight hours, then slowly pour the recommended dosage of Pool Magnet Plus as close to the surface as possible. Continue to leave the pump off for 24 hours, and then resume normal operation and brush your pool on a daily basis
  • To Remove Metals: backwash filter first, then with the pump running, add the recommended dosage of Pool Magnet Plus to the surface of the pool

Pro Tip: Use Pool Magnet Plus with Sparkle Up to help optimize the removal of metals from both your pool and your filters!

Size: 3.78 liters