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BioGuard Hibernate® Premium Anti-Freeze (3.78ltr) (P/N: 1071)

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BioGuard's Hibernate Anti-Freeze is a premium anti-freeze that will protect your pipes and other equipment for both pools and spas during the winter. In fact, it is fantastic for Winnipeg and Manitoba weather because it is guaranteed to work up to -45°C!

Product Information:

  • Protects pipes and other equipment throughout the winter
  • Prevents corrosion of pipes and other pool equipment
  • Contains a lubircant to ensure that "O" rings remain pliable
  • Works up to -45°C
  • Non-toxic
  • Works in both pools and spas
  • Works in many different types of pools and spas
  • Available in a 3.78 L resealable container

How to Use:

  • Lower water level below return fittings and blow the water out from your plumbing lines
  • Plug the return jets
  • Remove drain plugs from your pump, filter and heater and allow the water to drain out
  • Add a foam rope to the main drain hole and plug it
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove all water from the skimmer and suction line
  • Pour BioGuard's Hibernate Anti-Freeze down the suction line
  • Make sure to plug the suction line using a "gizzmo" after using BioGuard's Hibernate Anti-Freeze

Pro Tip: When opening the pool in the spring, BioGuard's Hibernate Anti-Freeze poses no risk to swimmers and can enter the pool! Furthermore, it does not affect the levels of any of your chemicals in any way!

Super Pro Tip: If all of this pool closing jargon sounds exceedingly complicated, feel free to book a professional pool or spa closing through Aqua-Tech!

Size: 3.78 liters