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BioGuard Hibernate® Closing Kit - 40 (Treats up to 40,000ltr) (P/N: 1091)

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The BioGuard Pool Closing Kit contains all of the products that you will need for a successful pool closing (up to 40,000 L), and it will ensure that spring opening is a breeze by saving you both time and money!

The BioGuard Pool Closing Kit includes:

  • Hibernate Shock: increases chlorine levelsand also shocks the pool so that it can gas away (or oxidize) other wastes
  • Hibernate Algaecide: controls and eliminates algae growth so that when you open your pool in the spring, it is not green
  • Hibernate Stain & Scale Inhibitor: prevents staining and scaling on both your pool equipment and liner throughout the winter months

Pro Tip: Always test your water prior to closing your pool and make sure your pool is in perfect balance prior to closing! This saves you a ton of money and time during the spring because it will ensure that your pool opens blue and looks beautiful!

Size: Treats up to 40,000 liters!