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BioGuard Balance Pak® 100 (1kg) (P/N: 4506)

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Balance Pak 100 is an easy and effective way to raise your total alkalinity.  Proper total alkalinity prevents pH from "bouncing". 

How to Use: Broadcast recommended dosage evenly across the surface of the pool with the pump running

  • Helps prevent damage to the hot tub surface due to low pH levels
  • Prevents corrosion of equipment due to improper pH
  • Helps eliminate "pH bounce"
  • Can be used in all spa types

Pro Tip: Always get your water tested before applying any balancers because it will save you chemicals, money and time spent incorrectly treating your pool! Also, always work on getting your total alkalinity within range before working on pH (because total alkalinity is the ""boss"" of pH)!

Size: 1 kilogram