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Balboa BP501 Replacement Spa Controller (P/N: 56901-01) OBSOLETE NO LONGER AVAILABLE

by Balboa
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Used on many of the Canadian Spa Company Model Hot Tubs sold through the larger Box stores in Canada and the USA

Requires Balboa TP series topside control panel: TP400T, TP400W, TP600, TP800




Made in the USA

Will run a circulation pump, one single or two speed pump, an additional single speed pump or blower, ozonator, spa light, A/V stereo direct output

4 KW heater Titanium

10.56” High x 17” Long x 4.8” Deep

UL/CSA certification

120 or 230 VAC ozone support (ozone must have same voltage as heater pump

240VAC @ 60 Hz or 50 Hz, 30-60 Amp 3 wire (needs neutral wire)

High or Low current mode

Max Load ratings: Pump 1= 16 amp; Pump 2/Blower = 12 amp;  Ozonator = 1 amp; A/V = 5 amp; Light = 12 v  @ 1 amp

The flow through heater tube must be a minimum of 20 USGPM 

This flow rate should be checked if your spa uses a small circulation pump such a Laing E10 or others made by  Grundfos or Waterway. These small pumps when used with 1” piping typically cannot produce this flow

The Patented M7 Technology removes the need for pressure sensors and remote heat sensors common on other older spa packs. This unique technology allows the spa pack to be positioned in any location or direction (before or after the pump or before or after the filter

This spa pack can work at 120 VAC in which case it will produce 1.4 Kw of heat

Or 240VAC requiring 30-50AMP service and will produce 4 KW heat

Built in programmable features such a 12 or 24 hour filter cycle programming by duration or time of day, various power saving modes including standard, economy, and standard in economy mode, ozone suppression, clean up cycle, freeze protection, panel lock, temperature lock, standby mode for filter changes and sophisticated diagnosis and reminder measures are just some of the features. It also has the ability to select how much current will be drawn allowing a breaker as low as 30 Amp, yet still deliver the full 4 kW of electric heat

Optional Wi-Fi Module available for purchase separately for use with iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device P/N: 50350