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Omni Synergy System Initiator (9 Kilogram) (P/N: H1025)

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Synergy's Initiator is the first step in converting your pool from traditional sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine to the Synergy System.

  • Primarily designed for use with the Synergy Weekly System
  • Patented technology
  • Once a year treatment to provide sparkling clear water and enhanced swimmer comfort
  • Helps stabilize the pH of pool water
  • Synergy Initiator is not susceptible to sunlight degradation,.


How to Use: Initial Treatment: 9 kilograms for a pool under 60,000 litres Directions Initial Start-up:

1.Freshly filled pools, new pools, or pools new to the Synergy System should have a water sample tested by a Synergy System dealer.

2.Consult your Synergy System dealer for initial water balance and start-up procedures.

3.When using other products recommended by your Synergy System dealer, always follow directions on those products.

4.Backwash or clean filter before adding Synergy Initiator.

5.Add 9 kg of Synergy Initiator for every 60,000 litres of pool water by slowly pouring the product into the pool skimmer with the pump operating continuously.

6.Allow pool water to circulate for 4-8 hours after application.

7.Do not pour Synergy Initiator into a skimmer if circulation is not evident in the skimmer.

8.Do not directly combine Synergy Initiator with any other product. 9.Within 2 weeks after making your Synergy Initiator application, bring a pool water sample to your Synergy dealer.


Pro Tip: Your dealer can verify that an adequate quantity of Synergy Initiator has been applied. It is necessary that a sufficient amount of Synergy Initiator be applied or the Synergy System will not function properly and substandard results will be obtained.