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Trio #3 - Finish (375 grams)

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Notice:  Sorry, due to Covid 19 & supply limitations on active ingredients we are out of stock of SpaGuard Soft Soak® TRIO™ Spa Kit (3 Month Kit) until spring 2021.   An alternative item we recommend is Mineraluxe Cubes and Oxygen: Have it Your Way Duo Pack (Once a week easy spa care kit).  This kit contains 2 items that will work to keep you spa and hot tub water soft, sparkling, prevent scale and ensure a spectacular soaking environment at all times.  Just add 1 Cube and 1 pouch of Oxygen once a week (instead of Trio #2 pouch weekly and Trio #1 pouch every 3 months)

Click Below for Mineraluxe Cubes and Oxygen!

Mineraluxe Cubes and Oxygen: Have it Your Way Duo Pack (Once a week easy spa care kit)


Trio #3 - Finish

Restoring Spa Cleanser
Cleans and prepares spa for a fresh start. Trio Restoring Spa Cleanser breaks down built-up grime, lotion, body oil, make-up, hair-care products, dirt and debris in pipes and on surfaces. Cleaning is essential for peak equipment performance and the highest quality water condition.

WHEN: Use every three months at the end of the Soft Soak Trio cycle, ONLY when draining and refilling


  1. Apply the entire bag directly to the spa water with pump on
  2. Circulate water for 15 minutes
  3. Shut off pump and completely drain water
  4. Refill the spa and repeat the Soft Soak Trio cycle

RE-ENTRY: Only enter after water has been completely drained and spa is refilled and balanced


Size: one pouch of Trio #3 (375gms)