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Sure Step Additive: For Sealer (1 week notice required for this item)

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This product to be used in conjunction with: Xylene & Acrylic Sealer

Sure Step Additive

16 Oz

Instructions For Use

 1) Pressure wash deck and let dry

 2) Apply first coat-50 percent Acrylic Sealer/ 50 percent Xylene

 3) Apply second/Final coat-75 percent Acrylic Sealer/25 percent Xylene/Sure Step (slip resistant additive)

 Helpful Hints

 For best results reseal the deck on a cool, dry day.  Too much sun and heat leads to rapid drying and early peeling and flaking.  

 Apply THIN coats and be mindful of pooling in depressions as this will lead to a blotchy, milky finish in those areas.

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