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SpaGuard Brominating Tablets (800gm) (P/N: 7513)

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SpaGuard's Brominating Tablets are a fantastic sanitizer which is "gentler" than the traditional chlorine sanitizer. They are also more stable in higher heat conditions than traditional chlorine!


  • Provides continuous killing of bacteria Sanitizes bather wastes and other organic wastes
  • Is a good alternative to chlorine for those with sensitive skin
  • Works well at high heat and dissolves slowly
  • Provides activity over a large pH range
  • Causes fewer odors than chlorine making this product ideal for indoor spas
  • Designed for use in brominators or floating dispensers
  • Each tablet is 1 inch in diameter
  • Ideal for a variety of spa types


  • Add required number of bromine tablets to brominator or floating dispenser as required

Pro Tip:

To ensure that your sanitizer level is between 3-5 ppm use Brominating Tablets in conjunction with SoftSoak Brominating Granules.

Size: 800 grams

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