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Pool Closing for Inground Pools: $499 (+ chemical kit @$129.99 + FREE antifreeze: value $50.00) (P/N SVC2224)

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Pool Closing for Inground Pools

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Please note that any cleaning of the pool, pool filter or solar cover is NOT included.


Product Details:

Need one good reason to have Aqua-Tech winterize your pool?  

How about peace of mind?

When you entrust Aqua-Tech to protect your pool from our harsh winters, we'll protect you from costly damages which can occur when your pool is improperly prepared for the cold off-season.

In addition to being highly-trained in pump, filter, and heater preparation, our experienced technicians are well-versed in the complexities of winterizing the newest pool technologies including water features, salt generators, automatic cover systems, and pool automation systems.

This fall, count on Aqua-Tech to protect your pool or hot tub from the elements and next spring you can count on a smooth spring start-up.


This package includes a specially formulated winterizing chemical kit to gas off summer wastes, prevent algae and prevent staining.  It also includes triple action antigel for the plumbing system and equipment.


Pool Side Steps that will be performed (as applicable)

  1. Drain pool below return outlets.
  2. Remove return eyelets and skimmer basket.         
  3. Remove ladder from pool.
  4. Remove Spectrum Ameri Light or conventional underwater light from underwater niche.
  5. Drain solar blanket, roll and install UV protector.
  6. Add hibernate protectant kit to pool water.
  7. Add expansion rod to return fitting and skimmer fitting.
  8. Add hibernate protectant & expansion block to skimmer housing and skimmer throat.
  9. Plug return fittings and skimmer feed line.
  10. Install winter cover and fill water bags or lock cover in place if applicable.
  11. Add expansion rod to ladder anchors.
  12. Inspect sump pump operation if applicable.


Equipment Area Steps that will be performed (as applicable)

  1. Remove drain plugs on all equipment @ pad area.
  2. Evacuate water from equipment.        
  3. Remove filters from tank if applicable.
  4. Evacuate water from skimmer and return lines.        
  5. Insert hibernate protectant into skimmer and return lines.
  6. Shut off gas supply to pool furnace.       
  7. Remove psi gauge from filter.
  8. Winterize salt cell or UV unit as required
  9. Set sand filter to winterize (if applicable)


Please note that any cleaning of the pool, pool filter or solar cover is NOT included.