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Dazzle Pure + Simple Summer Maintenance Kit (Large)

by Dazzle
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Dazzle Pure + Simple Maintenance Kit is used to maintain both freshwater and UV pools throughout summer. The kit has two simple steps that you have to follow weekly saving you time and frustration! Plus, by purchasing your products in a kit, you earn over 20% savings compared to purchasing the products individually!

  • Used in freshwater and UV pools
  • Part of the Pure and Simple three step system
  • Weekly maintenance products

The Dazzle Pure + Simple Maintenance Kit Includes:

  1. 16 Bags of Cleanse (250g): broadcast the required dose of Cleanse weekly across the surface of the deep end in order to shock (increase your chlorine content) and oxidize ("gas away") wastes, removing them from your pool. Cleanse also helps to prevent algae problems
  2. 1 Pail Purify Sticks (4kg): add the required number of Purify Sticks to your skimmer basket on a weekly basis to maintain the chlorine levels in your pool, keeping your pool sanitary

Pro Tip: Choose one day a week and add both Cleanse and Purify Sticks together on that day every week

Size: Large kit