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Dazzle Cleanse Pouch (250gm Bag)

by Dazzle
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Cleanse is an integral part of Dazzle's Pure and Simple System. It is a powerful chlorine-based shock oxidizer that contains water enhancers, clarifiers and chlorine to remove unfilterable wastes. Cleanse is integral to ""gassing away"" wastes that are trapped by chlorine, which helps to detoxify your water.

How to Use: Broadcast required number of bags of Cleanse on a weekly basis, with two-thirds of the dose being broadcast into the deep end and the additional one-third being broadcast in the shallow end

  • Unique non-chlorine-based shock formula
  • Blended with clarifiers, water enhancers, and a oxidizer to remove unfilterable contaminants
  • Eliminates bather and organic wastes
  • Completely water soluble (no pre-mixing required)

Pro Tip: You can swim merely 15 minutes after adding Cleanse to your pool!

Size: 250 gram bag