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Spa Essentials Stabilized Chlorinating Tablets (2kg)- (P/N: H4982) Replacement for SpaGuard Smart Tabs®

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Goes with this product:

SpaGuard Soft Soak® Chlorinating Granules (900gm) (P/N: 4203)
SpaGuard Soft Soak® Chlorinating Granules (900gm) (P/N: 4203)
Did you know: chlorine tablets maintain a chlorine level in your spa but you need to use Soft Soak Chlorinating Granules to establish the level up when it is too low. Buy these today also.
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Spa Essentials Stabilized Chlorinating Tabs are specifically formulated to dissolve at a slow and consistent pace to sanitize and control bacteria in your spa using chlorine. They are also exceedingly gentle on your spa equipment and can be easily used in a floating dispenser!


  • Sanitizes bather wastes and other organic materials in your spa
  • Controls bacteria growth
  • Each tablet is stabilized so they will last long in high heat conditions
  • Will not cloud water
  • Each table is approximately one inch in diameter


  • Place required number of Chlorinating Tabs inside a floating dispenser on a weekly basis

Pro Tip:

To ensure that your sanitizer level is between 3-5 ppm use Chlorinating Tabs in conjunction with SoftSoak Stabilized Chlorinating Granules.

Size: 2 kilograms