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Pool Opening Without Winter Cover

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Need one good reason to have Aqua-Tech open your pool?  Hit the EASY BUTTON. 

In addition to being highly-trained in pump, filter, and heater preparation, our experienced technicians are well-versed in the complexities of the newest pool technologies including water features, salt generators, automatic cover systems, and pool automation systems.

This spring, count on Aqua-Tech to start your season off right.

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  FREE POOL OPENING KIT:  This package includes a specially formulated pool opening chemical kit to gas off winter wastes, prevent algae and prevent staining.  


As applicable to your pool, Aqua-Tech will:

Turn on gas supply to heater
Remove plugs and foam rod
Reinstall eyeballs, baskets, ladder, lights & system 3 filter
Install PSI gauge and backwash hose
Install filter, heater and pump plugs
Reconnect PSI switch on heater
Light pilot on heater
Prime system and check for leaks
Test fire main burner on heater & underwater light
Rinse deck & final clean-up
Advise you to bring in water sample within 24 hours for you to begin cleaning the pool and chemical treatments

Please note:

1.  Your winter cover must be removed before we attend

2  Any cleaning of the pool or solar cover is NOT included.

3.  The pool water level must be 3/4 up the skimmer opening before we arrive