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Replacement for BioGuard SilkGuard® Sticks - BioGuard Chlorinating Stix (12kg)

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These sticks are a direct replacement for BioGuard SilkGuard Sticks and BioGuard Smart SilkGuard Sticks.

This sanitizer will last longer compared to chlorine products such a liquid bleach or calcium hypochlorite, as it contains sunlight-protected chlorine. It’s the perfect solution for clear, inviting pool water.

How to Use: Apply sticks directly to feeders, floaters or skimmers

  • Hot weather, heavy pool use and rain may require higher usage rates to maintain proper chlorine residuals
  • Contains stabilizer
  • Controls bacteria in swimming pool water
  • Applying BioGuard Chlorinating  Sticks is STEP 1 of the BioGuard Once-a-Week 3-Step Program

Size: 12 kilograms