Blueprint SWIM Weekly Enzyme/Phosphate Removal (2ltr)

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SWIM Weekly is a highly concentrated weekly maintenance product designed to reduce time spent maintaining a pool. Its natural based enzymes break down non-living gunk and grime that often builds up in the filter and causes scum lines. By using this product, you will see a reduction in scrubbing of the tile line as well as a decreased in the frequency of filter cleanings. SWIM Weekly also removes unwanted phosphate contamination, reducing time and effort needed to maintain the pool. Regular pool maintenance is easy with SWIM Weekly. Spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it while SWIM Weekly does the work!

How to Use: Shake bottle well before application. Pour directly into the skimmer with the circulation system running.

Pro Tip: Use more than recommended dosage after large parties and heavy rainfall!

Size: 2 liters