Blueprint SOAK Soon Chlorine (1.8kg)

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SOAK Soon Chlorine is a shock treatment that can be used with any sanitizer program including bromine and salt chlorination. This product is not a sanitizer, disinfectant or algaecide. It is for oxidizing shock treatment only and may be used where chlorine or bromine is the primary disinfecting agent.

How to Use: Broadcast into water when water temperature is above 27 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the circulation system is running during the application.

  • Helps keep hot tub water clean and crystal clear
  • Helps keep hot tub water safe and sanitized
  • Eliminates odors and contaminants
  • Quick dissolving
  • Apply on a weekly basis to keep water crystal clear!

Pro Tip: Use before and after a heavy bather load to prevent any water quality issues!

Size: 1.8 kilograms