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BioGuard Mineral Springs® Stain & Scale (946ml)

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The Mineral Springs system is a unique formulation of minerals that work with a chlorine generator to make an ordinary salt pool a soothing, sparkling swimming experience. For the ultimate salt pool experience and trouble-free maintenance use the Mineral Springs system: Beginnings, Renewal and Stain and Scale.

How to Use: Simply pour Mineral Springs Stain and Scale around the deep end of your pool with the circulation system running

  • Protects pool liners from staining and scaling
  • Protects chlorine generator cell and pool equipment from scale
  • Keeps chlorine generator cell working at optimal performance
  • Once per season use (unless well water is your source water then monthly treatments are recommended)

Pro Tip: An initial application establishes a level of scale protection that is maintained throughout the summer with monthly treatments! By using a monthly treatment, you will never have to worry about slimy feeling pool walls again!

Size: 946 mililiters