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Dazzle Pure + Simple Activator (4kg)

by Dazzle
$ 127.29 CAD
SKU DPS05009

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Activator is a dynamic product which is an essential member of Dazzle's Pure and Simple System. It has many facets to elevate your water to the next level by making your water softer as well as preventing algae growth!

How to Use: Apply required amount of Activator through the skimmer with the pump running

  • Makes water silky-smooth using borates
  • Gives "salt water" pool experience without using a salt generator
  • Has high performance water enhancers to give a spa like feel to your pool
  • Prevents phosphates
  • All natural ingredients

Pro Tip: Activator is a product that stays in your water and only needs to be added in the spring or when additional water (rain water, hose water, etc.) is added to your pre-existing pool water.

Size: 4 kilograms