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  • SpaGuard Spa Complete™ (2.07ltr) - Aqua-Tech

    SpaGuard Spa Complete™ (2.07ltr)

    $ 87.29 CAD

    Why: This will keep your water AMAZINGLY clear, soft and clean. Contains soothing lavender and eucalyptus extracts and smells amazing. Makes spa wa...

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  • Mineraluxe Cubes (13 Cubes) - Aqua-Tech

    Mineraluxe Cubes (13 Cubes)

    $ 159.29 CAD

    The Mineraluxe Cube is one of the most highly innovative, time saving and money saving chemicals that we carry. It replaces all of your traditional...

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  • Mineraluxe Oxygen (12x40gm=480gm) - Aqua-Tech

    Mineraluxe Oxygen (12x40gm=480gm)

    $ 147.29 CAD

    As part of the Mineraluxe System, Mineraluxe Oxygen is essential for proper maintenance of sanitizer levels. It also helps to oxidize (shock) waste...

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